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The Granville Arts Council -
is "Your" Arts Council

Without you we are an empty house!  Your arts council is a enthusiastic group of volunteers trying to keep
the arts alive and vibrant in our county, our state, our schools,
and in our homes.


Are you an artist?  Are you associated with artistic activities in Granville County and the surrounding areas?  Or are you interested in art?  If so, the Granville Arts Council is the place to be!
The Granville Arts Council sponsors and encourages cultural and educational activities in Granville County and the surrounding areas.
  The Arts Council accomplishes this by sponsoring cooperative planning, research, fundraising, and public education programs as well as sponsoring artist events.

We need our members help to provide opportunities for local artist to exhibit their works of art, or to help fund emerging young artist
as they develop their talents.


A paid membership entitles the group or individual to one representative on the General Membership Council. This representative has voting rights during the annual meeting and any special meetings of the general membership.

The General Membership:
    Elects the Granville Arts Council Board of Directors
    Establishes Policies
    Approves the Granville Arts Council Budget

  • Members will receive discounts to any Arts Council Event!
  • Members will receive lower fees on all booth space rental or event space registration
  • Members receive information first on any Federal, State, or local grant opportunities